Lead ScrewsLead and Acme Screws product page

Offering smooth, precise, cost effective positioning, this is the “just right” solution for your application.

Thomson BSA precision lead screws are an excellent economical solution for your linear motion requirements. For more than 25 years, Thomson BSA has designed and manufactured the highest quality lead screw assemblies in the industry. Our precision rolling machines ensure accurate positioning to 0.003 in/ft and our PTFE coating process produces assemblies that have less drag torque and last longer.

Thomson BSA provides a large array of standard plastic nut assemblies in anti-backlash or standard Supernut® designs. All of the standard plastic nut assemblies use an internally lubricated Acetal —providing excellent lubricity and wear resistance with or without additional lubrication. With the introduction of the new unique patent pending zero backlash designs, Thomson BSA provides assemblies with high axial stiffness, zero backlash and the absolute minimum drag torque to reduce motor requirements. These designs produce products that cost less, perform better and last longer. Both designs automatically adjust for wear, insuring zero back-lash for the life of the nut.

For significantly higher loads, standard bronze nuts are available. Thomson BSA uses SAE 660 bearing bronze, which provides high load capacity with good PV performance. We also offer end machining to your specification or can provide you with stock bearing mounts or motor mounts.